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X-Ray Crystallography: Advantages VS Disadvantages

The X-Ray crystallography has been one of the most innovative things that might influence the world significantly. This particular technique will allow many researchers to find out the mysterious atomic structures of any materials. So then, they can really identify the size and the weight of the molecules in the most accurate way for sure. However, it actually comes to you with some advantages and disadvantages that you better find out below.

The Advantages

This specific X-Ray technique will show you the three-dimensional view of the material as its beam exposes the purified sample of crystal. Then, you will be able to find out the patterns of the diffraction of the material in a remarkable resolution. Then, this kind of distraction will give you the essential information about the material, which can be like the chemical bonds, the crystal packing symmetry, the average position of the atoms, and so on. Even better, you will find that this equipment will work in the same splendid way no matter how large the structure of the crystal that you have. Furthermore, it will never require you to do the complicated procedure every time you want to use this equipment. Simply, you will find that it is actually so much easier and more effortless to operate even at the low cost.

The Disadvantages

Moreover, there are some disadvantages that come along the X-Ray equipment. One of them is that you will see that there are limited materials that you can analyze using this stuff. In this case, you have to make sure that you choose a specific material that is crystallizable in order to make the equipment work well just like what you require or expect.  So, that is the main reason why you cannot analyze the large molecules and protein membrane easily by this equipment because they are so hard to crystallize.

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