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Tips on the Process Control System Integrators

Many engineering companies have process control system integrators as a part of their core business. This is an engineer who will install your equipment and make it work together with other engineers onsite or at a client’s location. Here are some insights into things that will help you choose the best process control system integrators for your project:

Experience Levels

The amount of experience a particular contractor has been often what separates a professional from a competitor. Talk to the integrators and ask to see a portfolio of previous work. How many years have the integrators been in business? How many projects have the professionals completed? If you are paying someone handsomely for a job, make sure the individual provides proof of results and evidence of prior success stories along with references from past clients.

Expertise And Skills

Do the engineers possess the expertise in your type of process control system? If it is industrial automation, do the professionals have good track records developing industrial automation systems? What types of projects have the engineer carried out similar to yours?

For instance, if you are an electrical utility company transforming from conventional substations to intelligent automated ones, find out whether or not the engineers have experience installing such equipment. Negotiate with other companies that may offer similar services but lack your preferred qualifications: you might be able to snag a better deal because of the competition! This will save time and money for everyone involved and ensure successful project completion on schedule and within budget.

Personnel Availability

Make sure there is a team of engineers that can cover your company for the project’s duration. Are there enough personnel to manage the work involved? What if something comes up and one of the engineers is not available? In this scenario, you will need someone prepared to step in and learn about your process control system quickly, preferably without any downtime. This flexibility is typically difficult to achieve with companies that work remotely, especially those located out of town.

Nearby Presence

The further away a contractor is from your location, the more difficult it will be to handle issues that may come up. If your process control equipment malfunctions or needs repair somehow, what happens then? Will you be able to get someone over there quickly? How much will it cost you? Will your project be delayed? These are all valid concerns that should be discussed with your contractor before signing an agreement.

The best process control system integrators will be able to answer all of these questions with ease, provide you with the necessary references and portfolio of past work so you can see for yourself what qualifications the integrators possess. You might even improve your relationship with existing companies or contractors onsite working together on the same project.

After all, this is one of those win-win situations every party seeks. Find such a company, and not only will your project proceed without delays, but it will end up successfully within the timeframe and budget that has been set forth before bidding begins on the job.

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