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Some advice on children’s clothing

After the baby is born, a parent naturally needs to take into account all aspects of the child’s food, clothing, housing, and transportation. There are too many things to consider at the moment, and most new parents will be in a hurry, and there is not enough consideration. People’s energy is limited, this time we need to learn from the experience of others. Today, I’m going to share with you the knowledge about baby clothes. If you are interested, you can continue to read. If you have a need for wholesale kids clothes or wholesale childrens clothing in bulk, welcome to shop at the pretty kid.

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When choosing baby clothes, we should consider:

1, The skin of infants and young children is delicate, and we must pay attention to the “soft” word when we buy. Choose clothes made of soft cotton or cotton flannelette so they won’t chafe your child’s skin.

2, The growth of infants and children is fast, clothing should be large rather than small, too small clothes, will restrict the action of the child, cause the child’s feeling of discomfort, affect the child’s growth and development. If you buy big clothes, it is best to save them for your child to grow up and wear them. Wearing clothes that are too big will also cause mobility problems for your child.

3, The clothes should be easy to take off, the style is simple so that the children will not catch a cold because of the time to wear and take off clothes.

4, Clothes with elastic bands are not suitable for infants, because elastic bands will compress the chest and waist, leading to deformation of the child’s chest. Especially in winter, some parents like to put on thick cotton pants for their children, and high up in the chest position, which is a wrong approach. The infant’s skeleton is very soft, the chest is pressed by the waist for a long time will be concave, slowly forming the rib valgus. When the ribs are sunken, the lungs become compressed, making the respiratory system less resistant. In addition, eutrophic ribs in young children are often mistaken by doctors for rickets and even treated with high doses of vitamin D, which may pose a risk of vitamin D poisoning.

5, It is recommended that babies under three years old wear overalls, which are not only beneficial to their physical development, but also have the following benefits:

  • Wear suspenders don’t have to worry about the baby belly, warm and convenient. When wearing ordinary pants, children often run, jump, squat action will lead to the front of the navel, the waist, easy to catch a cold, cause spleen and stomach discord, indigestion or abdominal pain, diarrhea.
  • Children wear suspenders activities more freely; you can avoid its the belt is too tight and cause discomfort.
  • Wear suspenders appear more spirit. Put on the overalls. When the child leans forward, the straps at the back are pulled tight. When you lean back, the front straps pull tight, so they keep your child’s spine straight.

After kindergarten, it is not convenient to go to the bathroom in overalls, so parents can wear elastic pants for their children. But note that the elastic band should be wider, and the tightness should be able to stretch into 2~3 fingers.

When buying clothes for children:

1, Summer children’s wear with a square collar, round collar, small, pointed collar as well.

2, It is best to open in front, buttons should not be much, easy for children to wear, take off clothes.

3, Choose a wide waist type dress, in order to cover up the children’s belly, waist-less shape, and can play a loose, cool role.

Note: Many parents like to wear pantyhose for their children. If the pants are too short, it will affect the activities of the children’s lower limbs and is not conducive to the development of the children.

4, When choosing a jacket, the sleeves should not be too long, the sleeves are too long, the children’s arm activities are not convenient, cannot do some fine movements, reduce the opportunity of finger activities, adverse to the development of the child’s brain.

5, Children’s clothing color to bright and beautiful. Preschoolers have a sense of color and requirements, if you can embellish children’s clothes with some interesting small animal patterns or other colorful decorative patterns, will arouse children’s interest in wearing, to bring unlimited happiness to children.

If you have experience related to our topic, you are welcome to actively discuss it with us. Sharing is a pleasant thing, I hope my article is helpful to you, thank you for reading.

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