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How to make common cosplay props

As a cosplay prop maker, I love my job, and it’s an indescribable pleasure to see a mess of materials become a prop in my hands, the most important thing in making a cosplay prop is to have a specific drawing, either made by yourself or found on the internet, and the second most important thing is to have a flexible hand and a willingness to think a  brain. I’m going to introduce some common props in cosplay to make it!

· Wings

  1. Draw the shape of a wing on a piece of cardboard, in any size you like.
  2. Cut out with scissors or paper cutter.
  3. Coloring with pigments.
  4. On the reverse side, use a piece of cardboard to glue the wings together. to make a rough shape.
  5. Glue a leather band to the cardboard, making sure to test the band on the body for length.
  6. Slowly attach the purchased feathers to the cardboard, using the longest feather to the outermost part of the wing in a circle, paying attention to the direction of the feathers.
  7. Glue feathers on all four sides and finally fill in the gaps.

· Dragon’s Horns

  1. Use light clay to make the shape of the horn at random
  2. Set aside to dry
  3. After drying, use a knife or scissor or other tools to carve out the texture details on the horn ps: pay attention to the direction of the texture, not too messy!
  4. Priming with acrylic paint or spray paint
  5. After the base color has dried, you can color it according to your imagination.

cosplay costumes

· Halloween Pumpkin Lights

  1. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the pumpkin.
  2. Dig a hole in the top of the pumpkin, making sure that the hole is bigger than your fist.
  3. Slowly clean the inside of the pumpkin with a spoon, scraping the pumpkin clean.
  4. Take the knife and carve the expression drawn in front of it.
  5. Prepare a small plate on which to place the lit candles.
  6. Place the plate inside the pumpkin

· Pointy Ears

Do you like the pointy ears of demons and elves? They look great, but the formal process is very complicated. I recommend a simpler method: take a large piece of flesh-colored tape, fold it into a triangle similar to the “pointy ears”, which you can make more beautiful, and glue the ears on.

Except for some simple cosplay props, most props are complicated to make and require professional tools and technical support. If you want to make your own props, you can look up tutorials on the internet and follow them. If you find that the props you want to make are more complicated than you can handle, check out Cosplaylab, which has everything you need to know about cosplay costumes and props. I’m sure you’ll be proud of your new discovery.

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