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Comprehensive Guide to The Best Certifications for Executive Assistants

The best certifications for executive assistants can help you earn more money and find more job opportunities on the market. These titles can help you gain the skills you need to perform your daily office duties as an administrative professional. Understanding the various types of the best certifications for executive assistants can assist you in deciding which one is best for you.

In this article, we will define an executive assistant certification, explain why it is necessary to obtain one, provide a list of different types to choose from, and provide tips for selecting one.

What Exactly Is An Executive Assistant Certification?

An executive assistant certification is a professional accreditation that can be obtained after completing a specific programme or exam. This demonstrates that a person possesses specific skills related to the position of an executive or administrative assistant. Participants who pass an exam receive a professional certificate that they can demonstrate to employers and include on their resumes or cover letters.

Why Should You Obtain An Executive Assistant Certification?

Individuals who want to set professional goals and progress in their careers may benefit from obtaining an executive assistant certification. These titles can boost your professional credibility by demonstrating your dedication and in-depth knowledge of the field to employers. Other advantages of obtaining the best certifications for executive assistants include the following:

  • Increasing self-assurance
  • Giving you a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Developing industry-specific abilities
  • Increasing your earning capacity

Different Kinds of Executive Assistant Certifications

The following are some examples of executive assistant certifications:

1. Certified Administrative Professional

Becoming a Certified Administrative Professional offers you current executive knowledge. It is offered in the spring and fall by the IAAP. This four-part exam covers six subject areas as well as measurable performance results. Business writing and document production, organisational communication, office and records management, technology and information distribution, event and project management, and operations are among the six topics covered.

You can take this exam online or in a testing centre. Additional study materials are available for a fee. Those with a bachelor’s degree are eligible if they have two years of relevant work experience. Those with an associate degree must have three years of relevant work experience, while those without a postsecondary degree must have four years of relevant experience. Jobs with the following responsibilities qualify as relevant work experience:

  • Written or verbal communication with external or internal customers
  • Business editing, writing, and proofreading
  • Travel and meeting planning
  • Records management
  • Project management
  • Human resources activities, including compliance and hiring issuing
  • Accounting and budgeting functions

2. Professional Administrative Excellence Certification

The Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence recognises a person’s knowledge and commitment to the industry. This online certification programme from the American Society of Administrative Professionals teaches students relevant skills and 31 knowledge areas. The PACE programme is available year-round on the date chosen by the attendee and has no eligibility requirements. Those who successfully complete this certificate receive a study guide, a study plan, and training videos.

Individuals must complete continuing education aligned with one of the four modules and pay an additional fee every two years to renew their certification. The four main modules of the PACE certification are as follows:

  • Task and project management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Computer and internet technology
  • Management skills

3. Microsoft Office Specialist

The title of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) recognises those who have knowledge and experience with relevant technology. Executive assistants who hold this title demonstrate to employers their knowledge of the equipment and products they use in their role. This performance-based exam also demonstrates individuals’ ability to work independently and complete specific tasks. For example, somebody taking the MOS exam on PowerPoint might create a presentation with slide transitions. The MOS exam requires no prerequisites.

By passing additional exams, those who earn the MOS title can advance to MOS Expert or Master. Microsoft exams are available for the following programmes:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Access

4. Certified Associate in Project Management

Another option for those interested in working as an executive assistant is to become a CAPM, which demonstrates a professional’s ability to work on large projects. This can help executive assistants broaden their job responsibilities and gain office credibility.

To obtain the CAPM title, you must consider executive assistant courses, have a secondary degree, and have completed at least 23 hours of management education before taking the CAPM exam. This includes 150 questions covering technical, leadership, strategic, and business management skills. Individuals who want to keep their CAPM certification must complete executive assistant courses and professional development units, including 35 in education related to one of the exam skills and 25 in professional work. The CAPM programme costs $300 for nonmembers and $225 for Project Management Institute members.

5. Organisational Management

The Organizational Management (OM) speciality certification assists CAPs in broadening their skill sets. This programme focuses on real-world applications of topics such as project management, organisational management, and technology. The IAAP offers an eight-week programme for OM speciality certification.

To obtain this certification, you must first become a CAP. Nonmembers pay $900, while IAAP members pay $750. Once you have earned this certificate in executive assistant courses, you will be able to keep it as long as you have an active CAP credential. The following topics are covered in the OM speciality certification assignments and questions:

  • Compelling communication
  • Organisational behaviour and diversity
  • Strategic planning
  • Teamwork skills

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