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Best Look with The Best Cosplay: Find the Best There

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fabric expert or that the first you buy are particularly fine. You will just need some cheap fabrics and then go to a shop that sells fabrics in your city and get advice from the shopkeeper. In this way you can touch them with your hand, see the shades of color that best suit your character, understand their heaviness, and evaluate the costs and go. As you Buy Cosplay Costumes you can expect the best.

Why didn’t people recommend one of the many sites that sell fabrics online? Simply because initially, it would turn out to be a hasty choice and that could make you spend money in an imprudent way because:

  • You do not know the names of the various fabrics or differences and specific characteristics
  • You ignore the various weights of the fabrics, and you may buy some too light or too heavy or some types that are more difficult to work with
  • You have no idea how many meters of fabric you need for your project
  • You could be “deceived” by the graphics card of your pc, or mobile device with which you browse the site, and choose colors that are not ideal for your cosplay
  • You would pay the money for the shipping costs that you could save in order to eventually buy back more fabrics if your first sewing tests go wrong

When your level has increased you can easily buy online, even if you personally never disregard the precious advice of an expert shopkeeper. Once you have chosen and purchased your first fabrics, the first challenge begins.

The First Cosplayer Challenge

You will have to take some tissue paper and sketch your first pattern, place it on the fabric, take some scissors, cut the fabric (don’t be afraid to ruin it. If it happens it’s not a problem, they will be experience points for you and start sewing.

The essential and most used stitches are the straight stitch and the zigzag. Don’t get confused by the many stitches that the sewing machine you will use might have, these two are the basics and are great for your purpose. You can also use hot glue in those points that you may find particularly complicated. The bunny girl senpai costume would be the most perfect option.

The Obstacles You Will Have to Overcome as A Cosplayer

One of the biggest obstacles you will face at the beginning of your cosplay adventure will be the criticisms and free insults you may receive from the stupid people you can find at the fair but also on social networks.

You have surely heard of keyboard haters or lions. These people take pleasure in seeing other people feel bad, enjoy offending and criticizing, and feel strong, powerful, respected if they can use their tongue or written words as the sharp blade of Goemon Ishikawa’s katana from Lupine III.

Very often they are the first to have great personal insecurities, they do not accept themselves as they are, and they feel envy for the people they find better and then they become aggressive and attack in order not to be attacked them first as a sort of self-defense.

By cosplaying you show that you are clearly superior to these people because cosplaying still means getting involved, having the courage to do it, exposing yourself to criticism and free offenses from unintelligent people who can do nothing but offend and denigrate others.

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