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Basic cake types and choices

Do you always wander in front of the dessert store overwhelmed, all the cakes in the window look attractive, it is impossible to identify which one is better, want to eat but worry that it will put a burden on your weight. To solve this problem requires us to reacquaint ourselves with the ingredients of cakes so that we can find the right dessert for our taste buds.

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There are many varieties of cakes on the market, which can be roughly divided into the following categories according to materials and practices: sponge cake, chiffon cake, angel cake, pound cake, mousse cake, heavy cheesecake, light cheesecake and so on. Does it feel like these names are familiar? But to really say the difference between the various cakes is not to say, the next let me briefly introduce the differences between the various cakes for you. (China cake delivery)

Spong Cake

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Main ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar. Other ingredients: vanilla extract or lemon (to increase the flavor). The main difference is whole egg whipping Successful sponge cake has a uniform and delicate internal structure, fluffy and elastic

Chiffon Cake

The ingredients are basically the same as sponge cake. The main difference is that the egg yolks and whites are whipped separately (to make the cake light and soft like silk, hence the name Chiffon). It is the most popular base for all kinds of cakes

Angel Cake

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The main difference: only whites are whipped, acid is added to remove all the fat including the oil in the egg yolk. The texture of pure egg white angel cake is strong. Corn starch can be added to reduce the toughness of the flour, so that the surface of the cake is creamy yellow and white inside

Pound Cake

Ingredients: Take one pound each of flour, eggs, sugar and butter (or cream) and mix evenly. Butter makes it moist and creamy; cream replaces some of the butter for a lighter taste. The baking powder is now added to give the cake a more solid and delicate internal structure.

Mousse Cake

Main ingredients: cream cake made of whipped cream and eggs. It is a frozen dairy dessert, usually made with whipped cream and gelatin or fish gelatin powder (for coagulation), which can be eaten directly or as a cake sandwich. Mousse cake has a light, smooth and cool texture, rich and creamy. A wide range of flavors, mainly fruit, chocolate and vanilla. Sometimes airy ingredients are added, such as whipped cream.

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Heavy Cheesecake

Main ingredients: The base of the cake is mainly made of cream, cheese, eggs, sugar, and crushed cookies, refrigerated and set. The top layer is finished with jam, no baking required. Because the cheese is made from animal milk after lactic acid bacteria fermentation, making its nutrients more easily absorbed by the body.

Light Cheesecake

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Compared to heavy cheeses, it replaces the original amount of cheese with corresponding milk to reduce the original heaviness. Flour and corn starch are used to support the whole cake body. It has a rich and creamy taste, i.e. light mousse and soft cake. But the production requirements are very high.

After we analyze the types of cakes, I believe you can already choose your favorite type of cake from the ingredients and taste of the cake. Personally, I prefer mousse cake among basic cakes, followed by fruit cheesecake, which I highly recommend you try.

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