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A Mini Guide to Enhance Your Satellite TV Experience

Satellite Television continues to exist as a primary source of entertainment for a lot of U.S households at this point. Whether it is rural areas or busy urban cities, almost every corner of the state is getting high-coverage satellite TV signals round-the-clock. It is hard to imagine that, however, especially in an era of fast-paced cable TV options. But believe it or not, satellite TV connections actually do continue to flourish, in many areas.

Satellite transmission is a TV distribution option that has a rich historical background on the road to development. The technology came to being in the late 1940s in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. However, it did take over a decade to establish fully and was not until the 1960s that satellite TV connections became all the rage. It was then that the technology for this excellent piece of entertainment spread out like wildfire throughout the nation. By the time the 1970s came around, satellite TV connections were the talk of every town. Even in the bigger metropolitan areas of America, the idea of satellite TV spread like wildfire. Fast forward to today, millions of people across the US are part of the Satellite TV family.

Looking for a good TV option to complete the look of your cute little suburban townhouse? We have you covered! Satellite TV connections ensure a reliable source of quality entertainment and round-the-clock fun. However, at first, the market can seem a little daunting since it is so huge.

In this article, we have discussed some of the basics of the Satellite TV service and the top providers to consider. We hope you can find your new favorite service!

What is Satellite Television?

Satellite TV happens to be a rather worthy substitute for cable TV services, especially in far-flung areas. The working of satellite television is quite simple. A satellite TV provider sends radio signals to those orbiting the planet. These satellites then work as reflectors to send back the incoming signals to homes, through small receiver dishes on roofs. The signal converts and is supplied through a coax cable within the house to your television set. Since it uses a cable, this technology is referred to as satellite cable TV, even though the two services are fundamentally different.

Satellite TV receivers may be simple, but they are quite smart. They do not just intercept the signals; they also translate the received signals into functional images, like an internet modem. This exceptional piece of technology works almost everywhere, which is why satellite TV is so widely available in the country. DIRECTV and DISH are two of the top satellite TV providers in the U.S and offer nationwide coverage, no matter where you may be.

Satellite TV is a great option to consider since it gets you a lot of value for your plans. You can get a simple plan with regular programming or even choose one laden with premium channels. A satellite TV brings you HD quality video and advanced DVR technology that helps you record your favorite shows.

Why Choose Satellite TV?

Satellite TV services have a bunch of upsides that will catch your attention. These benefits include:

  1. A transatlantic and large channel line-up: As satellite TV works with signals transmitted over the satellites, the channel options are simply to die for. You can find hundreds of channels and thousands of things to watch at insanely low costs. You get far more options with satellite TV than you would ever get with a cable TV network. You can also find rare channels, and international programming easily available here.
  2. HD video and clear sounds: The signal transmission is directly done with satellite TV, hence the video quality is immaculate.  And that is not all.  Sound quality with satellite TV is crystal-clear too, which is an undeniable perk offered by the service.
  3. Entertainment round-the-clock: One of the top reasons to choose satellite TV is the easy accessibility it offers in all areas countrywide. From the rural areas to bustling cities, you always have access to TV with satellite. Satellite TV can reach far and wide, making it a top favorite in remote areas.
  4. Simply affordable: Satellite TV has slightly lower setup costs. Their usual packages too, are more affordable in comparison to cable TV. A lot of satellite TV providers tend to offer setup equipment for free as a promotion so it’s a great way to save money.

Top Satellite TV Providers in the U.S

Satellite TV has recently come under the shadow of cable and digital TV, even though it is such a great option. This is why there are not as many satellite TV providers as before. DISH and DIRECTV Network are two of the main TV providers you will find for satellite transmission. Both offer a slightly different set of features as they closely compete in a difficult market to stand out.

DIRECTV and Pricing Plans

DIRECTV began in 1994 and has bought the best TV entertainment to choose from ever since. It has live channels, on-demand streaking, and high-quality sports channels too. For higher prices, you can even get premium and international channels with your plan.


DIRECTV Plan Channels Pricing
Entertainment 65+ $59.99/month*
Choice 90+ $79.99/month*
Ultimate 130+ $94.99/month*
Premier 140+ $139.99/month*

*For the first 3 months then add $10 to your plan for each month after. Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.

DIRECTV plans do come with a contract of two years, which may not work for some people.

DISH Network and Pricing Plans

DISH has been one of the very first providers in the satellite TV industry. It also offers other services like satellite mobile phones and the internet. DISH network gets its users the top TV channels and on-demand content, at the best prices possible. Pricing plans are given below.

DISH Network Plan Channels Pricing
America’s Top 120 190 $69.99/month
America’s Top 200 240+ $94.99/month
America’s Top 250 290+ $104.99/month

All these prices help customers save a few bucks with autopay. There is a 2-years price guarantee for all the plans so you can avoid any price hikes.


Satellite TV may sometimes look like a much pricier option when compared to the conventional cable but that is not always true. Most satellite TV providers like DISH and DIRECTV, offer promo pricing and contracts that help lock prices for a while. This way, you often end up saving money in the long run. Satellite TV is reasonably good, with HD picture quality and wide rural availability; a feature that already sets it apart in the market. The channel lineup is strong too, with DIRECTV bringing the NFL Sunday Ticket as well as other premium content to your TV screen.

With DISH you get to show off your Alexa and voice commands, not to mention countless streaming options like Netflix. You get a DVR with both providers which helps you record TV shows. A big yippee for satellite TV is that most providers usually give out the setup equipment for free which is worth a few hundred dollars. So, you only have to pay installation costs and can do it without going completely broke.

Satellite TV is a worthy option to consider if you want to look for quality entertainment at good prices!

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